Queen Of Peace Cemetery & Funeral Center FD128


For the last several years, Catholic Cemeteries of Spokane has developed the Queen of Peace Cemetery with plans to establish it as the neighborhood cemetery for south hill residents.

Adjacent to the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center, the peaceful ambiance is a natural location for the cemetery, and the Rosary Garden Walk creates a contemplative setting for prayerful remembrance of our families’ deceased loved ones. This combination creates a fitting permanent resting place for generations to come.

Services & Features

Our future plans include ground burials, family gardens, niches for cremated remains, above ground crypts and a mausoleum, if needed. In addition, many memorial options are available. With the property extending from the Rosary Garden down the hill South and East and encompassing about 20 acres, the cemetery has expansion room for generations of interments to come.

Although Catholic Cemeteries purchased the 20 acres from Immaculate Heart Retreat Center, we consider the campus a shared space for our complementary visitations and ministries with a shared community of visitors. Throughout our development activity, we always keep in mind a prayerful and peaceful setting for our visitors. Our hope is that all who visit will leave with good memories and peaceful feelings.

To enhance our ministry, a Catholic Funeral Home was added in September 2013. Now, families can complete all immediate or advanced planning funeral and burial services in a single visit with CFCS (Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services). For more information about our funeral and cemetery services, please contact us at (509) 467-5496.